Polonée means Polish in French with a slight modification from the conventional Polonais spelling.  "Née" at the end of the word "Polonée" means born... in essence, a Polish born distillery.

Poles have been producing spirits since the early Middle Ages, distilling their skills to produce some of the best alcohols available in the world, many of which date back centuries.


Our goal is to create spirits that are based on traditional Polish recipes but with a Canadian twist of creative ingenuity to  develop unique elixirs that embrace both our Polish and Canadian cultures.


Pheagle is a hybrid between an Eagle and a Phoenix and is our distillery’s symbol. 


Eagle is the national coat of arms of Poland and  represents our cultural background.

Phoenix is a Greek mythological bird, which is cyclically regenerated and reborn, and obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.  


We believe our distillery will revive deep-rooted spirit categories, by pushing the boundaries of what is expected, and giving new life to long standing spirits.


We use state-of-the-art Genio Distilling Equipment manufactured in Poland.   GENIO's intelligent equipment provides us with utmost control throughout our production process.   

We currently have a G-Still 250 directly heated and a G-Still 250 jacketed which are used for distilling alcohol.  We also have a couple G-Still 50's for research and development purposes.  We recently increased our fermentation capacity from 1,200L to 5,200L by obtaining  2 x 2,000L GENIO fermenters.  Our GENIO mash-tun is 2,000L.